Best Eyelash Glue ​For Extensions | Top 4 Picks In 2024

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​Let me introduce ​you to ​our Best Eyelash ​Glue for ​Extensions—a little dash ​of magic ​that turns your ​daily blink ​into a captivating ​performance. Our ​Best Eyelash Glue ​for Extensions ​isn’t just about ​sticking things ​together; it’s about ​enhancing and ​embracing your unique ​beauty. Get ​ready to fall ​in love ​with your gaze ​again because, ​with our Glue, ​your lashes ​are about to ​steal the ​spotlight!

What Is ​Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash glue is ​like the ​unsung hero of ​your beauty ​routine—the magic potion ​that lovingly ​sticks false lashes ​in place, ​giving your eyes ​that extra ​oomph. Think of ​it as ​the loyal sidekick, ​ensuring your ​lashes stay on ​point so ​you can confidently ​flutter through ​your day.

​Top Picks

Extra ​Powerful Eyelash Extension ​Glue – ​Lyon Lash 5ml ​Performance Glue


Extra ​Hold Eyelash Extension ​Glue by ​Lyon Lash is ​the best-performing ​Glue. It has ​the latest ​glue formula. It ​not only ​maximizes the bonding ​strength but ​also helps to ​keep the ​fume low and ​non-irritative. The ​product dries up ​in 1-2 ​seconds. The Retention ​Period of ​Lyon lash glue ​is six ​to eight weeks. ​The adhesive ​holds up to ​a maximum ​of 2 months; ​you will ​love it and ​keep coming ​back! Lyon Lash ​Eyelash Extension ​Glues are designed ​in Los ​Angeles and made ​in Korea. ​

Strict quality control ​and regular ​review systems are ​to provide ​you with the ​best quality ​eyelash extension products. ​Chosen by ​Lash Industry Professionals ​– All ​Lyon Lash products ​are positively ​reviewed by over, ​10000 Eyelash ​Extension Professionals. Eyelash ​extension glue ​can provide an ​incredible experience ​for eyelash extension. ​This glue ​is only recommended ​for certified ​lash artists and ​not for ​self-application. 

Usage Guide

​Use a ​gentle cleanser to ​prep the ​lashes for optimal ​adhesion. Apply ​a small amount ​of Lyon ​Lash Extra Powerful ​Glue to ​the extension using ​a glue ​ring or adhesive ​palette. Allow ​the extension to ​fully adhere ​before moving on ​to the ​next lash.


  • Get Ready ​in a Blink: ​It dries ​in 1-2 seconds, ​making the ​lash application process ​a breeze ​for you and ​your clients.
  • ​Lashes That Stick ​Around: With ​a remarkable 6-8 ​weeks of ​retention, this Glue ​is like ​a loyal friend ​that stays ​by your side ​through thick ​and thin.
  • Pro-Level ​Perfection: Crafted ​for the pros, ​Lyon Lash ​Extra Powerful Glue ​is your ​secret weapon for ​creating stunning ​lash masterpieces.
  • Allure ​in Every ​Blink: The black ​adhesive adds ​a touch of ​charm to ​your client’s lash ​line, making ​their eyes pop ​and leaving ​them feeling confidently ​beautiful.
  • Comfortable ​and Confident Wear: ​Forming a ​secure bond keeps ​them in ​place without discomfort, ​ensuring your ​clients strut out ​feeling on ​top of the ​world.


  • ​Whiff of Intensity: ​Let’s be ​honest—there’s a noticeable ​scent when ​using Lyon Lash ​Extra Powerful ​Glue. If you’re ​sensitive to ​strong smells, this ​might be ​a drawback.
  • Speedy ​Gonzalez Drying: ​While it’s fantastic ​for the ​pros, the lightning-fast ​1-2 second ​drying time might ​be challenging ​for beginners who ​need more ​time to perfect ​their lash ​placement.


Vitamin ​C, Aloe ​Vera Extract

Ardell ​LashTite Lash ​Adhesive Clear for ​Individual Lashes, ​0.125 oz


Lashtite ​Adhesive by ​Ardell gives reliable ​performance when ​securing your eyelashes. ​It dries ​fast and precise. ​It has ​a lasting grip ​for up ​to 2 weeks! ​It is ​best for falsies ​lovers who ​want dependable lash ​glue. With ​this LashTite Adhesive, ​you can ​do gorgeous makeup ​on any ​occasion or a ​regular day! ​LashTite Adhesive dries ​clear and ​blends well with ​natural eyelashes, ​completing your eye ​makeup while ​giving your artificial ​lashes a ​more natural look. ​It has ​a latex-free formula ​that is ​low-fume, non-irritating and ​gentle.

This ​lash adhesive is ​waterproof, perfectly ​aligned with your ​eye shape, ​and comfortably attached ​daily for ​up to 2 ​weeks. Only ​the best top-tier ​adhesive for ​your high-quality fake ​eyelashes. Best ​value for money ​you can ​get from Ardell ​LashTite Adhesive ​for Individual Lashes! ​Glue perfectly ​fits your purse, ​making it ​compact to bring ​everywhere – ​perfect for travel! ​It is ​your go-to false ​lashes adhesive ​anytime, anywhere. This ​adhesive is ​recommended for use ​by beauty ​professionals. Give it ​a try ​and see the ​magic itself.

​Usage Guide

Carefully ​dispense a ​small amount of ​Ardell LashTite ​Lash Adhesive Clear ​onto a ​clean surface. Gently ​place the ​adhesive-coated end of ​the individual ​lash close to ​the base ​of a natural ​lash, avoiding ​contact with the ​eyelid.


  • ​Blend Seamlessly: Ardell ​LashTite Lash ​Adhesive Clear is ​like your ​invisible assistant, giving ​you that ​chic look.
  • Just ​Enough Magic: ​Its 0.125 oz ​size is ​like a magic ​wand that ​provides just the ​right amount ​of adhesive.
  • Stay ​Put, Beautiful:  ​It ensures your ​lashes stay ​in place, ready ​to slay ​the day without ​constant touch-ups.
  • ​Gentle on the ​Eyes: The ​latex-free formula is ​like a ​gentle hug for ​your eyes, ​making it suitable ​for all, ​even those with ​sensitive peepers.
  • ​Salon Vibes at ​Home: Ardell ​LashTite Lash Adhesive ​Clear brings ​the salon experience ​to your ​space, giving you ​that professional ​finish.


  • Blend ​Seamlessly: Ardell ​LashTite Lash Adhesive ​Clear is ​like your invisible ​assistant, seamlessly ​blending with your ​natural lashes ​and giving you ​that effortlessly ​chic look.
  • Just ​Enough Magic: ​Its 0.125 oz ​size is ​like a magic ​wand that ​provides just the ​right amount ​of adhesive, allowing ​you to ​create your dream ​lash style ​with precision.


​methoxyisopropyl acetate, ​alcohol denat, nitrocellulose, ​diethyl phthalate, ​charcoal powder.

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Venus ​visage Eyelash ​glue For Professional ​lash Extensions ​


Eyelash ​glue for professional ​lash extensions ​by Venus Visage ​is the ​best Glue. This ​eyelash extension ​glue is for ​lash artists ​only! If you ​are not ​a lash artist ​who applies ​this to clients’ ​eyelashes, please ​do not buy ​it. This ​Glue should NEVER ​EVER be ​used for self-application. ​1-2 seconds. ​Extremely short drying ​times save ​tremendous time for ​you and ​provide more service ​to your ​buyers.

This premium ​individual eyelash ​glue is best ​used for ​eyelashes. This formula ​of eyelash ​extension glue has ​an extra-long ​life span. Eyelash ​extensions will ​last 6-7 weeks, ​making this ​Glue the most ​robust bonding ​and extended retention ​on the ​market. This Glue ​is the ​best choice for ​advanced lash ​extension stylists. Glue ​is formaldehyde-free ​and latex-free. 

Usage ​guide

Carefully ​dispense a small ​amount of ​VENUS VISAGE Eyelash ​Glue. Place ​the coated lash ​close to ​the natural lash, ​avoiding contact ​with the eyelid. ​Repeat the ​process for each ​lash, maintaining ​proper spacing.


  • Blink, and ​It’s Done: VENUS ​VISAGE Eyelash ​Glue is like ​the express ​lane for your ​lashes—quick and ​efficient with a ​drying time ​faster than your ​morning coffee ​run.
  • Lashes That ​Go the ​Distance: It’s the ​marathon runner ​of adhesives, giving ​you that ​extended bonding period ​of 6-7 ​weeks. Say goodbye ​to frequent ​lash pit stops!
  • Black Beauty ​Boost: The extra ​black formula ​adds a touch ​of drama ​to your lashes, ​giving you ​that bold and ​mesmerizing gaze.
  • ​Gentle Love for ​Your Eyes: ​It’s like a ​soft, reassuring ​hug for your ​eyes—the latex-free ​formula ensures a ​gentle touch, ​making it perfect ​for all, ​even those with ​eyes as ​sensitive as a ​rom-com protagonist.
  • Steadfast Like a ​Pro: Crafted ​for the pros, ​this adhesive ​is like having ​a seasoned ​mentor—offering a secure ​bond that’s ​as reliable as ​your best ​friend.


  • Scented ​Surprise: It’s ​like opening a ​gift and ​finding a solid ​perfume—the noticeable ​scent during application ​might catch ​you off guard, ​especially if ​you’re sensitive to ​strong smells.
  • Blink-and-It’s-Done Dilemma: The ​quick 1-2 ​second drying time ​is like ​a speedy rollercoaster. ​It’s exciting ​but too much ​for a ​leisurely lash ride.


            Ethyl ​cyanoacrylate, Methyl 2• ​cyanoacrylate, PMMA, ​Hydroquinone, Carbon Black

​Pro Care ​Extra Strong Eyelash ​Extension Glue


Pro care ​lash extension ​glue has been ​formulated to ​provide the best ​performance. During ​most extended retention ​periods, eyelash ​extension glue has ​incredible retention ​power; bonding lasts ​up to ​8 weeks under ​proper application ​and aftercare. Forabeli ​Professional Eyelash ​Extension Glue is ​formulated for ​expert lash technicians ​to ensure ​long-lasting and reliable ​extensions. Pro-care ​eyelash extension glue ​is carefully ​packaged with silica ​gel and ​a red glue ​needle to ​preserve maximum freshness ​and extend ​its lifespan after ​opening. This ​lash extension glue ​is exclusively ​for professional lash ​technicians to ​use. Please do ​not use ​it for self-application ​or with ​cluster or strip ​lashes.

Usage ​guide

Set up ​a clean ​and organized workspace ​with all ​necessary tools, including ​individual lashes, ​tweezers, and adhesive ​palettes. Ensure ​the client’s natural ​lashes are ​clean and free ​from makeup, ​oils, or residue. ​A gentle ​lash cleanser is ​recommended.


  • Snap Your Fingers, ​Done: It ​dries in a ​blink (1-2 ​seconds, to be ​exact), saving ​time for more ​magic in ​your beauty routine.
  • ​Lashes That ​Go the Distance: ​It’s like ​giving your lashes ​an extended ​vacation—up to 8 ​weeks of ​stunning results without ​the hassle ​of frequent touch-ups. 
  • ​Lash Hug ​Like a Pro: ​Crafted for ​the pros, this ​Glue is ​like a warm ​hug for ​your lashes—maximum bonding ​power ensures ​a secure and ​long-lasting hold, ​leaving you worry-free.
  • Black Magic ​Elegance: The intense ​black formula ​adds a dash ​of drama, ​creating a look ​that’s bold, ​captivating, and utterly ​elegant.
  • Love ​That Lasts: It’s ​the relationship ​you’ve been looking ​for—ideal for ​semi-permanent extensions, offering ​a love ​that lasts beyond ​the initial ​flutter.


  • A ​Whiff of ​Drama: It’s like ​that lingering ​scent that overplays ​its welcome—some ​users might catch ​a noticeable ​odor during application, ​like having ​a perfume that’s ​a tad ​too strong for ​comfort.
  • Racing ​Against the Clock: ​The quick ​1-2 second drying ​time is ​like a sprint, ​which feels ​like trying to ​catch a ​train for beginners ​or those ​who enjoy a ​more leisurely ​lash application pace.


 Cyanoacrylate, ​Hydroquinone

The Bottom ​line

Discover ​your skin’s new ​partner in ​these excellent Korean ​toners! Lyon ​Lash, the quick ​and bold ​partner, steps into ​the spotlight ​with lightning-fast moves. ​Ardell LashTite, ​the endurance champion, ​takes you ​on a marathon, ​promising a ​lasting performance for ​weeks. VENUS ​VISAGE brings an ​intense black ​flair to the ​dance, creating ​a captivating, bold ​performance that ​steals the show. ​

Pro Care, ​the pro dancer, ​leads with ​maximum bonding power, ​ensuring a ​secure hold that’s ​as reliable ​as a seasoned ​partner. Look ​for the one ​that elevates ​your eyelashes game ​and should ​be according to ​your type. ​The best eyelash ​glue is ​the one that ​transforms your ​lashes needs in ​your daily ​way into a ​delightful experience ​in every application, ​leaving your ​lashes feeling awesome.

​Our Research

When crafting our ​guide on ​the best eyelash ​glue, we ​went out with ​our research. ​We have observed ​user reviews, ​product descriptions, ingredient ​lists, and ​expert recommendations. We ​wanted to ​ensure we had ​all the ​details to give ​you the ​most accurate and ​comprehensive evaluation ​possible. Collecting and ​analyzing this ​wealth of data ​ensures that ​our assessment is ​accurate and ​complete, covering each ​product’s unique ​features, benefits, and ​potential drawbacks. ​

We take pride ​in offering ​you a guide ​rooted in ​research, giving you ​the insights ​you need to ​make the ​best skincare choices ​for your ​unique needs. You ​can now ​confidently choose the ​perfect eyelash ​glue for you. ​We are ​excited to share ​our findings ​with you!

Things ​to Consider ​Before Purchasing Eyelash ​Glue

We ​are here embarking ​on the ​journey to find ​the perfect ​eyelash glue for ​extensions. First, ​consider the type ​of lashes ​you love: classic, ​volume, or ​hybrid style. Drying ​time becomes ​your tempo—do you ​prefer a ​quick cha-cha or ​a slow ​waltz? Think about ​how long ​you want your ​lashes to ​stay in the ​spotlight; some ​adhesives are like ​a brief ​performance, while others ​promise an ​enduring encore. Your ​eyes are ​the show’s stars, ​so check ​for potential allergies ​with a ​patch test, ensuring ​a harmonious ​performance.

The color ​of the ​adhesive sets the ​mood—is it ​a natural ballet ​or a ​bold tango? Consider ​the backstage ​ambiance—some glues come ​with a ​noticeable scent, so ​choose one ​that doesn’t overpower ​your senses. ​And as in ​any performance, ​reputation matters. Research ​the brand’s ​track record and ​read reviews; ​after all, you ​want a ​partner with a ​reliable and ​positive history. With ​these considerations, ​you’re ready to ​find the ​eyelash glue. 

Our Experience In ​The Best Eyelash Glue ​For Extensions

The ​products chosen are ​the best. ​My experience with ​these products ​has been great ​so far. ​Let me spill ​the tea ​on my eyelash ​glue journey—it’s ​been a game-changer! ​Each option ​is like a ​skincare routine ​for my lashes, ​removing impurities ​and giving them ​the VIP ​treatment. Now, the ​real star ​for me? Lyon ​Lash’s Extra ​Powerful Eyelash Extension ​Glue. It’s ​like a magic ​wand—quick dry ​time, and my ​lashes stay ​glam for weeks. ​Our lashes ​are as unique ​as we ​are, so what’s ​my go-to ​might be a ​different story ​for you. It’s ​all about ​finding that lash ​soulmate, darling!

Our ​recommendation

Meet ​the best eyelash ​glue for ​fast drying, Lyon ​Lash 5ml ​Performance Glue. It ​is a ​faithful companion. It ​gives you ​the perfect look. ​It works ​wonders for those ​who want ​to apply lashes ​abruptly. It ​has friendly ingredients.

​The other ​is VENUS VISAGE ​Eyelash Glue ​for Professional Lash ​Extensions, which ​provides a gentle ​and comfortable ​experience. It ensures ​that your ​lash routine is ​irritation-free. With ​all-natural ingredients, it ​gives smoothness ​and is latex-free. 

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