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Having thick and lavish eyelashes is a coveted trait, and many people use lash treatments to get it. Lash lifts, and lash serums are two common choices. Lash lifts involve using a chemical solution to curve the lashes, whereas lash serums are applied to the lash line to foster growth and volume. However, some debate exists about can lash serum affect lash lift results.

In this article, we’ll look at how a lash serum affects lash lift outcomes. We’ll look at the science behind these treatments. By the end, you will better grasp how these methods function together or against each other to give you the lashes of your choice.

Can lash serum affect lash lift results?

Can lash serum affect lash lift results

Lash serum can affect lash lift outcomes in some cases. Lash serums are designed to nourish and reinforce lashes, making them look fuller and longer. However, this can also affect the results of a lash lift.

Lash lifts break down the bonds in the lash hair and rearrange them, making the lashes appear thicker and fuller. On the other hand, Lash serums contain various substances, such as peptides and vitamins, that encourage lash growth and promote general lash health. While these two treatments may seem unrelated, they can affect each other.

During a lash lift, the expert curls and sets the lashes in position with a chemical solution. This procedure can make the eyebrows look longer and fuller. If the lashes have previously been treated with a lash serum, they may be too firm or too dense to retain the curve successfully. Consequently, eyebrows may be less elevated than intended or lose their curve rapidly following the procedure.

Stop using lash serum a few days or even a week before a lash lift session to prevent this issue. It restores the lashes to their normal condition and makes them more responsive to the curling solution used during the procedure. To obtain the best results, you should always follow the advice of your lash experts.

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Factors to Consider Before Using Lash Serum with Lash Lift

Consider several things before using a lash serum with lift therapy. First and foremost, ensure that the ingredients in the lash serum are suitable for use with a lash lift. Some lash serums contain oils or other chemicals that can minimize or even eliminate the benefits of the lift. You must check the serum’s pH levels, as an acidic serum may irritate or harm the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Another aspect to consider is when to use the lash serum with the lash lift. It is usually best to delay at least 24–48 hours after the lift before adding any lash products, including lash serums. It enables the lift to take shape properly and prevents the serum from interfering with the lifting process.

Finally, follow the application directions closely and use the lash oil as instructed. Overusing the serum may cause irritation or harm to the lashes, so use the product sparingly and carefully watch the condition of the lashes.

Alternatives to Lash Serum and Lash Lift

Castor oil, for example, contains ricinoleic acid, which has been shown to promote lash growth. Apply just a little before bed, and keep it on overnight. Another alternative is to use coconut oil, which is high in essential fatty acids and can help to strengthen and avoid lash damage. Alternatively, you can improve the look of your eyelashes without having any therapy by using artificial lashes or makeup. However, make sure to select stuff that is safe for your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Using Lash Serum Make My Lash Lift Last Longer?

Using a lash serum can help strengthen and nourish your lashes, which may help your lash lift last longer. However, if you apply the serum too soon after the treatment, it can interfere with the lift and cause the results not to last as long.

Can Lash Serum Cause Any Adverse Effects On Lash Lift Results?

Applying lash serum too close to your lash lift appointment can cause the lift to work less effectively. Some lash serums contain ingredients that can cause irritation or allergic reactions, affecting the lift results. You should follow the instructions on your lash serum and stop using it if you experience any adverse effects.

The Bottom Line

With final comments, let’s end this article about “Can lash serum affect lash lift results?”. Both the lash serum and lash lift are safe for your eyes and eyelashes, but you must take care before combining these two techniques. Avoid using a lash serum before the lift procedure, and wait for about 1–2 days before using any lash serum after the lash lift.

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