4 Best Water Based Serums | For All Skin Types 2023

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Looking to upgrade ​your skincare ​routine with a ​fantastic water ​base serum? Well, ​you’ve come ​to the right ​place! In ​this comprehensive review, ​we’re about ​to unveil the ​top water based ​serums that work ​wonders for ​all skin types ​and in ​any weather. Our ​experts have ​thoroughly tested a ​variety of ​serums, and we’re ​excited to ​share the top ​4 best ​water based serums for ​all skin ​types and weathers ​that are ​absolute game-changers. These ​serums not ​only provide deep ​hydration but ​also improve your ​skin’s overall ​texture. Packed with ​powerful moisturizing ​ingredients, they bid ​farewell to ​dryness and greet ​you with ​a radiant complexion. ​So, let’s ​dive in and ​discover the ​ultimate solution for ​your skincare ​needs!

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Our best sellers

Best in humidity: Oxygen Ceuticals Moisture Aqua Serum


OxygenCeuticals, a trusted ​name in ​skincare, merges cutting-edge ​science with ​natural ingredients to ​bring you ​healthier, more luminous ​skin. Their ​Moisture Aqua Serum ​is a ​standout water-based ​serum that ​delivers a refreshing ​surge of ​moisture to even ​the driest, ​most flaky skin ​types. This ​lightweight gel serum ​absorbs instantly, ​leaving no greasy ​residue behind.

But what truly ​sets this ​serum apart is ​its ability ​to lock in ​moisture. With ​consistent use, it ​dives deep ​into your skin’s ​layers, ensuring ​lasting hydration and ​preventing moisture ​loss. Say goodbye ​to dry ​patches and rough ​textures as ​you unveil supple, ​soft, and ​rejuvenated skin. It’s ​no wonder ​why the Moisture ​Aqua Serum ​stands as the ​epitome of ​water-based serums.

Usage ​Guide

For ​optimal results, apply ​a small ​amount of the ​Moisture Aqua ​Serum to freshly ​cleansed skin, ​gently massaging it ​in. Incorporate ​it into your ​morning and ​nightly skincare routine ​to experience ​the full potential ​of this ​hydrating marvel. Upgrade ​your skincare ​game with OxygenCeuticals ​Moisture Aqua ​Serum and embark ​on a ​journey to unveil ​radiant, well-hydrated ​skin like never before.

Ingredients: Green Tea Leaf Extracts, Arginine, Jojoba oil, Hyaluronic acid


  • Intense Hydration: This ​serum excels ​at providing intense ​moisture, making ​it a go-to ​for dry ​skin.
  • Versatile ​Texture: Its ​skin-friendly gel texture ​suits a ​variety of skin ​types.
  • Specialized for Dry ​Skin: Crafted ​with a targeted ​formulation for ​dry, flaky skin, ​it offers ​much-needed relief and ​promotes a ​smoother complexion.


  • Not Ideal for ​Oily or ​Acne-Prone Skin: Those ​with oily ​or acne-prone skin ​may find ​this serum a ​tad heavy ​for their specific ​needs.
  • Limited Bottle Size: ​The 1.69-ounce ​(50ml) bottle size ​may run ​out relatively quickly, ​especially for ​regular users.

Best for all skin types: ClarityRx Daily Dose of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Serum 


Unveil the secret ​to a ​dewy, rejuvenated complexion ​with ClarityRx’s ​Daily Dose of ​Water Hyaluronic ​Acid Hydrating Face ​Serum. Crafted ​from natural, plant-based ​ingredients, this ​serum is your ​daily dose ​of moisture for ​a dehydrated ​and lackluster face.

​Harnessing the ​incredible power of ​hyaluronic acid, ​this serum delivers ​an instant ​surge of hydration ​that plumps ​and beautifies your ​skin. Its ​ability to attract ​and retain ​moisture is the ​key to ​its magic, leaving ​your skin ​intensely moisturized and ​glowing. It’s ​no wonder it’s ​hailed as ​the ultimate water-based ​facial serum, ​thanks to its ​exceptional ability ​to replenish moisture ​levels.

One ​of its standout ​benefits is ​its clean, plant-based ​composition, making ​it an ideal ​water-based serum ​for the face ​for those ​who prioritize natural ​skincare. With ​its lightweight formula, ​it effortlessly ​absorbs, leaving no ​greasy residue ​in its wake.

​Watch as ​your skin’s texture ​transforms, becoming ​smoother and more ​supple with ​every use. Bid ​farewell to ​dullness as this ​serum works ​its wonders, infusing ​your skin ​with moisture and ​restoring its ​natural radiance.

Usage ​Guide

For ​best results, cleanse ​your face ​thoroughly before use. ​Apply a ​small, pea-sized amount ​of the ​serum to your ​fingertips and ​lightly massage it ​onto your ​neck and face ​in the ​upward direction and ​in circular ​motions. Allow the ​serum to ​get fully dissolved ​into your ​skin before using ​any additional ​skincare products or ​makeup. Use ​it as part ​of your ​daily skincare routine, ​both in ​the morning and ​at night, ​to experience the ​full benefits ​of dewy, revitalized skin.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Purified water, phenoxyethanol


  • Regular Moisturizing: ​Enjoy daily hydration ​for a ​consistently beautiful complexion.
  • Plant-Based ​Natural Remedy: Embrace ​the goodness ​of plant-based skincare ​for a ​healthier glow.
  • Ideal for ​Dull Skin: Say ​goodbye to ​dullness as this ​serum revives ​your skin’s radiance.


  • May Require Additional ​Moisturizers: Very ​dry skin types ​may need ​to pair it ​with additional ​moisturizers for enhanced ​hydration.
  • Compact Bottle Size: ​The 1-ounce ​(30ml) serum bottle ​may need ​an early refill, ​especially for ​daily users.

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Instant hydration: DearKlairs Basic Watery Oil Drop, Water Base Serum


Elevate your skincare ​experience with ​DearKlairs, a brand ​synonymous with ​innovation and quality. ​Their Fundamental ​Watery Oil Drop ​is a ​breakthrough water-based serum ​that marries ​the hydrating benefits ​of face ​oil with a ​lightweight, non-greasy ​texture.

This serum ​works like ​a charm, delivering ​a burst ​of hydration that ​revitalizes your ​skin without any ​heaviness. Its ​unique fluid formula ​ensures rapid ​absorption, leaving your ​skin feeling ​refreshed and invigorated.
​What sets ​the DearKlairs Fundamental ​Watery Oil ​Drop apart is ​its versatility. ​It’s suitable for ​all skin ​kinds, including sensitive ​skin, making ​it a flexible ​solution for ​those craving abundant ​hydration. This ​serum not only ​moisturizes but ​also enhances skin ​elasticity, making ​it a standout ​in the ​world of water-based ​serums.

Usage ​Guide

Apply a ​few drops ​of the serum ​to your ​fingertips after cleansing. ​Gently press ​and massage it ​on your ​neck and face, ​areas that ​need extra care. ​Follow up ​with your light ​and favorite ​moisturizer to seal ​in the ​goodness. Use it ​both morning ​and night as ​part of ​your skincare routine ​to indulge ​in the luxurious ​hydration you ​deserve.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Ferment Extracts, Ceramide and Peptides


  • Abundant Hydration: Experience ​the benefits ​of a water-based ​serum with ​rich, nourishing moisture.
  • ​Small ​and Quick-Absorbing: Its ​lightweight texture ​ensures speedy absorption, ​perfect for ​busy routines.
  • ​Suitable for ​All Skin Types: ​Whether you ​have dry, oily, ​or sensitive ​skin, this serum ​caters to ​your hydration needs.


  • Insufficient for Very ​Dry Skin: ​Individuals with extremely ​dry skin ​may require additional ​moisture alongside ​this product.
  • Relatively expensive: ​While it’s a ​quality product, ​some may find ​it relatively ​pricier in comparison.

Purely water-based serum: Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin 100% Pure Anti Aging


Indulge in the ​epitome of ​anti-aging and profound ​hydration with ​the Hyaluronic Acid ​Serum for ​Skin. This standout ​product deserves ​accolades for its ​remarkable qualities.

​This serum boasts ​100% pure ​hyaluronic acid, renowned ​for its ​ability to hold ​up to ​1000 times its ​weight in ​water. The result? ​Your skin ​experiences an intense ​surge of ​hydration, effectively combatting ​dryness and ​refining its texture. ​Say goodbye ​to fine lines ​and wrinkles ​as this powerful ​moisture infusion ​revitalizes your complexion, ​making it ​more youthful.

What ​sets this ​serum apart is ​its non-greasy ​formula that effortlessly ​absorbs into ​your skin, leaving ​no oily ​residue. It caters ​to all ​skin types, even ​those with ​oily or combination ​skin, who ​often struggle to ​find a ​moisturizing serum that ​won’t increase ​shine.

But the ​benefits continue ​beyond hydration. This ​paraben-free serum ​doubles as a ​brightening serum, ​evening out your ​natural skin ​tone and enhancing ​your skin’s ​natural luminosity.

Usage ​Guide

For ​those with extremely ​dry skin, ​consider pairing this ​serum with ​a richer moisturizer, ​especially in ​harsh weather conditions. ​Apply a ​few tiny drops ​of the ​Hyaluronic Acid Serum ​for Skin ​onto cleansed skin, ​gently massaging ​it in. Use ​it twice ​daily, morning and ​night, before ​your moisturizer for ​best results. ​Enjoy the rejuvenating ​benefits of ​intense hydration and ​youthful radiance.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Hyaluronic acid, Benzyl Alcohol DHA


  • Intense Hydration: Experience ​extreme moisture ​and hydration for ​a radiant ​complexion.
  • Oil-Free ​Formula: Enjoy ​a non-greasy formula ​suitable for ​all skin kinds, ​especially oily ​and combination skin.
  • Paraben-Free ​and Brightening: Trust ​in a ​product free of ​harmful substances ​that enhance skin ​tone and ​luminosity.


  • Extra Moisturization ​May Be ​Required: Individuals with ​excessively dry ​skin might need ​to complement ​this serum with ​a heavier ​moisturizer.
  • Smaller ​Than Average ​Bottle Size: Although ​effective, the ​2-ounce (60ml) bottle ​may require ​more frequent replenishing.

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The Bottom line

Ready to level ​up your ​skincare? Check out ​our top ​4 best water based serums ​for all ​skin types and ​weather! OxygenCeuticals ​Moisture Aqua Serum ​is the ​go-to for hard-core ​hydration, perfect ​if you’re dealing ​with dry ​skin. ClarityRx Daily ​Dose of ​Water Hyaluronic Acid ​Serum is ​your daily dose ​of moisture ​and that natural ​glow. DearKlairs ​Fundamental Watery Oil ​Drop is ​a crowd-pleaser, suitable ​for all ​skin types, serving ​up heaps ​of hydration and ​bouncy skin. ​

Then there’s the ​Hyaluronic Acid ​Serum for Skin, ​a hydration ​powerhouse that fights ​the signs ​of aging and ​adds extra ​radiance. Bid farewell ​to dry ​patches and hello ​to radiant ​skin! Grab these ​fantastic water-based ​serums for your ​face now ​and unlock your ​skincare secret ​sauce. Transform your ​routine today!

Our Research

While crafting this ​guide on ​the “Top 4 ​Amazing Water Based ​Serums for All ​Skin Types ​and Weathers,” we ​embarked on ​a comprehensive research ​journey. Our ​commitment to providing ​you with ​the most informed ​product review ​led us to ​delve deep ​into the world ​of water-based ​serums. Our meticulous ​process involved ​a thorough examination ​of user ​reviews, product descriptions, ​ingredient listings, ​and expert recommendations. ​

By collecting ​and analyzing this ​wealth of ​data, we have ​ensured that ​our evaluation is ​accurate and ​comprehensive, covering each ​product’s unique ​features, benefits, and ​potential drawbacks. ​We take pride ​in offering ​you a guide ​rooted in ​research, providing you ​with the ​insights you need ​to make ​the best skincare ​choices for ​your unique needs.

Our experience with ​water based serums

After thorough testing ​and personal ​experience, I can ​confidently say ​that all the ​mentioned water-based ​serums are absolute ​gems, earning ​a solid 10 ​in my ​book. However, one ​serum truly ​stole the spotlight ​and became ​my ultimate go-to ​– the ​DearKlairs Fundamental Watery ​Oil Drop. ​Its lightweight, non-greasy ​formula, combined ​with its ability ​to cater ​to all skin ​types, left ​me with hydrated, ​radiant skin ​that I couldn’t ​get enough ​of.

But remember, ​skincare is ​personal, and what ​works wonders ​for me might ​vary for ​you. So, dive ​in, explore ​these fantastic serums, ​and discover ​the one that ​suits your ​skin’s unique needs. ​It’s all ​about finding your ​perfect match ​for that glowing, ​healthy complexion!

Our Recommendation

After ​some serious ​contemplation, I’m thrilled ​to bring ​you my top ​recommendations for ​excellent water based ​serums. The ​Dear Klairs serum and ​the Hyaluronic ​Acid serum for ​the skin ​are the undisputed ​champions in ​this category. These ​bestsellers are ​not just popular; ​they’re specially ​tailored for those ​with problematic ​skin.

The Dear Klairs ​serum delivers ​a refreshing surge ​of moisture, ​while the Hyaluronic ​Acid serum ​packs a punch ​with its ​skin-transforming hydration. If ​you’re looking ​to tackle skin ​issues head-on ​and achieve that ​coveted healthy ​glow, these two ​serums have ​got you covered. ​It’s time ​to pamper your ​skin with ​the best – ​go ahead ​and give them ​a try! ​Your skin will ​thank you ​later.

Things to look ​for before ​purchasing Best water based serums

When hunting ​for the perfect ​water based serum, ​remember these key ​factors for ​a skin-transforming experience. ​Firstly, prioritize ​hyaluronic acid to ​maximize hydration ​and plumpness. Next, ​seek out ​serums enriched with ​vitamins and ​antioxidants for that ​extra boost ​of skin health. ​Tailor your ​choice to your ​specific skin ​type, whether it’s ​dry, oily, ​or sensitive, to ​address your ​unique needs effectively.

​For added ​benefits, explore serums ​with anti-aging ​properties, brightening effects, ​or soothing ​elements to enhance ​your skin’s ​vitality. Lastly, don’t ​forget about ​convenience – choose ​the right ​size and packaging ​that aligns ​with your preferences ​and travel ​requirements. With these ​considerations, you’ll ​be well on ​your way ​to discovering the ​perfect water-based ​serum for your ​skincare regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are water-based serums ​suitable for ​skin that is ​oily or ​acne-prone?

Yes, water-based ​serums are ​suitable for oily ​or acne-prone ​skin because they ​are often ​lightweight and non-greasy.

Do water-based ​serums blend nicely ​with sunscreen ​or makeup?

Yes, ​water-based serums ​are a great ​base for ​applying sunscreen or ​makeup because ​of their lightweight ​nature and ​quick absorption.

Are Other Skincare Products Compatible With Water-Based Serums? 

​You can add ​water-based serums ​into your skincare ​routine and ​layer them with ​other products ​like moisturizers or ​oils.

What ​distinguishes water-based serums ​from oil-based ​serums?

In contrast ​to oil-based ​serums, which are ​richer and ​offer more nourishment, ​water-based serums ​are lighter in ​texture and ​absorb faster. Depending ​on the ​requirements of your ​skin, make ​your choice.

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