6 Best Korean Cleansing ​Balm | Reviewed By Expert In 2023

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​Step into the ​realm of ​radiant beauty with ​our skincare ​secret weapon—the Best ​Korean Cleansing ​Balm. Unveil the ​magic behind ​this luxurious balm ​as we ​explore together. Get ​ready to ​elevate your skincare ​game and ​discover the transformative ​power tucked ​into every jar. ​Welcome to ​a radiant new ​you!”

What ​Is A Cleansing ​Balm?

It’s ​a little pot ​of skincare ​gold that goes ​beyond the ​basics. What makes ​a cleansing ​balm unique is ​its ability ​to cleanse without ​that tight, ​dry feeling. It’s ​like giving ​your skin a ​warm hug, ​leaving it clean, ​nourished, and ​pampered.

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Our Best Sellers

Best for ​all skin ​types: Pyunkang Yul ​Deep Clear ​Cleansing Balm Korean ​Makeup Remover ​All-In-One Face Wash


The balm consists of plant-derived ingredients that are for cleansing and soothing. It leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It has specialized in skin care for about 50 years. The balm is in solid form, and when you apply it, it feels like an oil cleanser, making your face all soft.

The color becomes milky while washing off. The main ingredients are Green Tea Seed Oil and Rice Bran Oil, which controls sebum and moisture and removes all traces of impurities to help clear skin. Centella asiatica extracts soothe irritation and fight blemishes.

Ceramide and hyaluronic acid strengthen complexion, while eggplant and licorice root brighten uneven skin tones. The balm’s fresh scent gives a spa experience. Pyunkang Yul deep clear cleansing balm is best for dry to oily and sensitive skin. All ingredients used are cruelty-free.

Usage Guide

  • Take ​a Pyunkang Yul ​Deep Clear ​Cleansing Balm scoop—it’s ​not just ​the product. It’s ​a little ​self-love potion.
  • As you ​spread the balm ​on your ​face, feel it ​transform into ​a silky serenade. ​Give your ​look a massage; ​consider it ​a gentle dance ​with your ​skin.
  • Add ​a splash ​of water and ​witness the ​balm transform into ​a magical ​elixir.
  • Rinse ​off the ​balm, and feel ​the worries ​wash away. No ​tightness, just ​a pure, radiant ​glow.
  • Pat your face ​dry with ​a towel. Imagine ​your skin ​doing a little ​happy dance, ​celebrating the joy ​of feeling ​fresh and clean.
  • Look ​in the mirror ​and admire ​your reflection.


  • The ​Makeup Whisperer: It takes off the stubborn makeup, like a skilled friend.
  • Hydration Hero: ​This balm ensures ​your skin ​stays hydrated, like ​a thoughtful ​companion looking out ​for your ​skin’s well-being.
  • All-In-One Confidante: ​The multitasking friend ​can seamlessly ​juggle different roles ​without breaking ​a sweat.
  • Fragrance Flair: This balm is like a signature perfume, but if you’re not a fan of scents, it’s not for you.
  • K-Beauty Charm: Infused with that K-beauty charm, it feels glamorous.
  • ​Sensory sidekick: With ​its subtle ​fragrance, it’s not ​just cleansing; ​it’s creating a vibe.


  • Fragrance Flair: ​This balm ​is subtle, like ​a signature ​perfume. Think of ​it as ​its way of ​making a ​stylish entrance, but ​if you’re ​not a fan ​of scents, ​it’s like a ​friend who’s ​a bit too ​enthusiastic with ​their cologne.
  • Jar Drama: It ​comes in ​a jar, like ​a beauty ​genie’s bottle. Some ​might find ​it charming, like ​an antique ​keepsake, while others ​might wish ​for a more ​modern pump.
  • ​Price Personality: This ​balm has ​a high-maintenance side ​when it ​comes to price.


CetylEthylhexanoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, ​Polyethylene, SorbitanSesquioleate, ​Helianthus Annuus Seed ​Oil, Macadamia ​Ternifolia Seed Oil, ​Camellia Sinensis ​Seed Oil, Water, ​GlycyrrhizaGlabra Root ​Extract, SolanumMelongena Fruit Extract...

Effective ​makeup remover: Banila ​Co Clean ​It Zero Cleansing ​Balm Original


Clean It Zero ​cleansing balm ​by Banila Co ​is an ​effective makeup remover ​that erases ​dirt and residues ​perfectly. The ​balm smells like ​an acerola ​scent. The texture ​is solid, ​but upon contact ​with the ​skin, it changes ​quickly into ​oil. You can ​remove makeup ​from this in ​just one ​go.

Skin does ​not feel ​tight after using ​Clean It ​Zero Cleansing balm. ​Their balm ​gives skin hydration ​that it ​needs to look ​glowy and ​fresh. Ingredients included ​in this ​do not irritate ​at all. ​Color is of ​natural products, ​and no artificial ​coloring is ​present. It has ​been a ​very popular makeup ​remover over ​the past years.

​It gives ​brightening and nourishment ​to the ​skin. Clean It ​Zero balm ​is formulated with ​Active botanicals, ​Hot Springs Water, ​Vitamin E, ​and Vitamin C ​for a ​healthy complexion to ​prevent aging. ​Other inorganic substances ​soothe and ​hydrate skin. It ​is suitable ​for all skin ​types. Try ​it out on ​your skin ​to get to ​know about ​its magic.

Usage Guide

  • Imagine ​stepping onto ​a stage—your face ​is the ​star, and your ​hands are ​the performers. Begin ​with dry ​hands and a ​dry face, ​setting the scene ​for a ​captivating show. The ​spatula is ​like your conductor’s ​baton. With ​a graceful scoop, ​take just ​enough balm, ensuring ​the perfect ​harmony of cleansing ​without overdoing ​it.
  • As ​you massage ​the balm onto ​your face, ​feel it transform ​into an ​oil—a soothing melody ​for your ​skin. Introduce water, ​and watch ​the balm dance ​into a ​milky texture. It’s ​like a ​choreographed routine—emulsifying to ​perfection, ready ​for the grand ​finale. Rinse ​your face with ​lukewarm water. ​The balm transforms, ​taking a ​bow as it ​turns into ​a milky cleanser. ​Your skin, ​now a satisfied ​audience, feels ​clean and refreshed.


  • Melt-Your-Day Magic: : It sweeps away waterproof mascara to that foundation determined to stay put.
  • ​Silky Soft Serenade: ​Applying it ​is like giving ​your face ​a hug from ​your coziest ​blanket—gentle, comforting, and ​oh-so-soothing.
  • All-in-One BFF: This ​balm is ​that BFF, pulling ​duty as ​a makeup remover ​and a ​face cleanser. It’s ​like having ​a beauty assistant ​that’s got ​your back.
  • Skin Type Whisperer: ​It’s the ​peacemaker that brings ​harmony to ​the diverse crowd ​of your ​skin’s needs.
  • Luxury ​in a ​Jar: The texture ​is like ​the friend who ​insists on ​sending you a ​care package.


  • Fragrance Drama: It’s ​like having ​a friend who’s ​into perfumes—a ​lovely quality for ​many, but ​if your skin ​is a ​bit of a ​drama queen, ​it might not ​appreciate the ​fragrant theatrics.
  • Texture ​Tango: Some ​might love the ​rhythm, but ​it could take ​some adjusting ​if you’re more ​of a ​salsa person.


EthylhexylPalmitate, Phenoxyethanol, Butylene ​Glycol, LithospermumErythrorhizon ​Root Extract, Tocopheryl ​Acetate, Parfum, ​Ethylhexylglycerin, Water, 1,2-hexanediol, ​Bambusa Vulgaris ​Leaf/Stem Extract, AspalathusLinearis Extract...

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Deep hydration: ​”Then I ​Met You” Cleansing ​Balm


Living cleansing balm ​by Then ​I Met You ​is best ​for deep hydration. ​Then I ​met You lotion, ​comprised of ​grape seeds that ​remove impurities, ​nourish your skin, ​and have ​phenolic compounds and ​linoleic acid ​that work against ​inflammation.

The ​few balms I ​love the ​most it is ​one of ​them because of ​their deep ​hydration quality that ​gives my ​skin extra comfort ​and radiance. ​The texture is ​smooth. Seaberry ​oil protects the ​skin, giving ​the balm its ​bright yellow ​color. It does ​not leave ​tightness. The olive ​oil works ​best against aging.

​There are ​no artificial colors. ​Organic ingredients ​work like magic ​for your ​skin. The balm ​is lightweight ​and feels gentle ​on the ​skin. Persimmon extracts ​protect your ​skin from free ​radicals, giving ​it a brighter ​tone. The ​sebum is gone ​after using ​it like it ​was never ​there before. Get ​your hands ​on this product ​to feel ​its magic. It ​is suitable ​for all skin types.

Usage Guide

  • With dry hands scoop it a bit. The balm transforms into a silky texture as you apply and massage. With a touch of water, it turns into a milky consistency. Rinse it off as if bidding farewell to a cherished moment, and pat your face dry gently.


  • Luxurious ​Meltdown: : It dissolves makeup and impurities, turning your cleansing routine into a daily spa treat.
  • ​Nourishing Serenade: ​Enriched with skin-loving ​ingredients, it’s ​like a love ​ballad to ​your skin, leaving ​it pampered, ​hydrated, and radiant.
  • Gentle ​Embrace: The balm’s ​texture feels ​like a gentle ​hug, making ​cleansing a soothing ​ritual rather ​than a mundane ​task.
  • Universal Adoration: : It’s a product that speaks the language of diverse skin needs, becoming a universal favorite.
  • Sensory ​Elevation: The fragrance elevates your routine into a sensory experience.


  • Fragrance Personality: ​The smell is charming for many, but it may be too enthusiastic if your skin is particular about scents.
  • Texture ​Tale: The balm’s ​texture resembles ​a dance partner’s ​rhythm, this ​tango might take ​a bit ​of getting used to.


OleaEuropaea (Olive) Fruit ​Oil, VitisVinifera ​(Grape) Seed Oil, ​CetylEthylhexanoate, PEG-20 ​GlycerylTrii-stearate, PEG-8 Isostearate, ​CeraMicrocristallina (Microcrystalline ​Wax/CireMicrocristalline), HippophaeRhamnoides Oil, ​Ceresin, Synthetic ​Wax...

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Effective cleansing balm: ​heimish all ​clean balm


All clean balm ​by Heimish ​is a practical ​cleansing balm ​ideal for all ​skin types. ​A multi-purpose cleansing ​balm that ​removes waterproof makeup, ​dirt, and ​blackheads in one ​go. All ​clean balm has ​all-natural ingredients ​that do not ​harm your ​skin. If you ​accidentally get ​some product in ​your eye, ​it does not ​make a ​difference because no ​pain or ​redness will occur.

​The people ​who are more ​likely to ​get acne can ​surely use ​it without worrying ​about acne. ​The fragrance is ​mild because ​of the presence ​of herbs. ​All clean balm ​is a ​cleanser that melts ​into oil, ​clearing up blackheads ​and clogged ​pores. Herb oils ​naturally brighten ​and nourish your ​skin. It ​is 100% recommended. ​It is ​for you if ​you must ​wear makeup daily ​or more ​often.

You can ​use it ​daily, and it ​is also ​effective in anti-aging. ​The patchiness ​and wrinkles will ​all heal ​over time. You ​will notice ​a difference after ​using it. ​Suitable for sensitive ​skin. Give ​it a try, beauties!

Usage Guide

  • ​Dry your hands and face, creating a serene atmosphere. Take a little bit of the product. Massage it on your skin. Adding water transforms it into a milky dream. Remove it gently. Now dry the face and note the difference.


  • Gentle ​Makeup Whisperer: ​This balm gracefully wipe away makeup with a touch of magic.
  • ​Nature’s Embrace: ​Enriched with botanical ​goodness, it’s ​like a garden ​for your ​skin.
  • Velvet Hug: ​The texture ​is like a ​velvet hug. ​It’s not just ​cleansing; it’s ​a tender moment ​of self-care.
  • ​Scented Serenity: With its beautiful scent, it’s like a gentle breeze of calmness. 
  • K-Beauty Glamour: ​It’s not ​just skincare; it’s ​a piece ​of K-beauty glamour. ​A little ​jar that holds ​the elegance ​and innovation of ​Korean skincare ​within its embrace.


  • Jar Personality: ​It comes in ​a jar, ​like a friend ​who insists ​on using vintage ​mugs instead ​of sleek, modern ​cups. Some ​find it charming, ​while others ​wish for a ​more contemporary ​packaging party.
  • Sensitive to ​Nature: If your ​skin isn’t ​a big fan ​of botanical ​conversations, it might ​need a ​moment to adjust.


EthylhexylPalmitate, ​CetylEthylhexanoate, PEG-20 GlycerylTriisostearate, ​Polyethylene, PEG-8 ​Isostearate, ButyrospermumParkii (Shea) ​Butter, CocosNucifera ​(Coconut) Fruit Extract, ​Citrus Aurantifolia ​(Lime) Fruit Extract, ​Iris Versicolor ​Extract, JasminumOfficinale (Jasmine) Extract...

Radiant complexion: ​Radiance Cleansing Balm ​from Beauty ​of Joeson


Radiance Cleansing Balm ​from Beauty ​of Joseon is ​like having ​a skincare treasure ​that cleanses ​and brings out ​your inner ​glow. Imagine a ​friend who ​removes your makeup ​and whispers ​secrets to make ​your skin ​radiant. It’s a ​journey into ​skincare luxury, where ​the velvety ​texture transforms into ​a radiant ​elixir on your ​skin.

Enriched ​with natural ingredients ​inspired by ​traditional Korean beauty ​wisdom, it’s ​like a timeless ​secret passed ​down through generations.

​This balm ​is more than ​skincare; it’s ​a journey into ​Korean beauty ​traditions, like a ​wise companion ​sharing ancient wisdom. ​The velvety ​texture is like ​a soft ​hug, and the ​subtle fragrance ​reminds gently of ​a beautiful ​garden. Let Radiance ​Cleansing Balm ​illuminate your skincare ​routine, unveiling ​the radiance that ​lies beneath.

Usage ​Guide

  • Your hands and face should be dry. Dispense a proper amount of the velvety balm. Massage with a little bit of water. It will change into a milky substance. Wash leaving your skin all fresh. Dry with a towel.


  • Glow Unveiling Confidante: ​Consider it ​a friend who ​knows your ​skin and reveals ​its hidden ​radiance. Each use ​is like ​a little secret ​shared between ​friends.
  • Velvet ​Touch Comfort: ​The velvety texture ​is like ​a comforting hug, ​turning your ​cleansing routine into ​a spa-like ​embrace—a moment of ​self-care wrapped ​in luxury.
  • Wise Beauty ​Whisperer: Enriched with ​ancient beauty ​wisdom, it’s like ​having a ​wise mentor by ​your side, ​sharing timeless secrets ​for skin ​that glows with ​vitality.
  • Fragrant Tale Teller: ​With its light fragrance, It tells stories.
  • Makeup ​Vanishing Sorcery: Picture ​it as ​your personal makeup ​wizard, waving ​away makeup and ​impurities effortlessly, ​leaving behind a ​clean canvas ​for your skincare masterpiece.


  • Fragrance Friend: The fragrance may be too enthusiastic for those who prefer skincare without scents.
  • Availability Adventure: ​Depending on ​your location, access ​might be ​a bit of ​a treasure ​hunt, adding an ​adventurous twist ​to your skincare journey.


CetylEthylhexanoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, ​PEG-20 GlycerylTriisostearate, ​Synthetic Wax, PEG-10 ​Isostearate, Lactobacillus/Soybean ​Ferment Extract, HippophaeRhamnoides ​Oil, Oryza ​Sativa (Rice) Bran ​Oil, Oryza ​Sativa (Rice) Seed ​Water, Avena ​Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract...

Best for ​sensitive skin: Fig ​Cleansing Balm


Fig Cleansing Balm ​is like ​a stroll through ​a fig ​orchard, offering more ​than skincare—a ​fragrant escape into ​nature’s embrace. ​Picture a velvety ​balm, a ​skincare companion with ​the heart ​of a ripe ​fig, transforming ​your routine into ​a sensory ​journey.

Infused with ​the goodness ​of fig extracts, ​it’s like ​treating your skin ​to a ​nutrient-rich feast. This ​isn’t just ​a cleanser; it’s ​a fragrant ​escape into nature, ​capturing the ​sweet and earthy ​notes of ​figs in every ​application.

As ​a Korean makeup ​remover balm, ​it’s not just ​cleansing; it’s ​like a gentle ​dance on ​your skin, effortlessly ​dissolving makeup ​and impurities. Infused ​with the ​goodness of fig ​extracts, it’s ​your skin’s nutrient-rich ​feast, like ​a friend sharing ​the best ​beauty secrets. Let ​your skin ​indulge in the ​nourishing embrace ​of figs with ​each use.

Usage ​Guide

  • Scoop up between your fingertips. As you massage it onto your skin, Add water and witness the balm’s magic. Wash and enjoy the scent.


  • Nature’s Bounty: ​Enriched with ​fig extracts, it’s ​like a ​friend who shares ​the best-kept ​secrets of a ​nourishing feast ​for your skin, ​leaving it ​refreshed and satisfied.
  • Sensory ​Symphony: It’s not ​just skincare; ​it’s a sensory ​journey, adding ​a touch of ​nature’s melody ​with the sweet ​and earthy ​notes of figs.
  • K-Beauty Elegance: It’s ​a companion ​that brings sophistication ​and charm ​to your everyday ​beauty ritual.
  • ​Velvet Caress: It has silk like texture.
  • Fragrance Serenade: It has a sweet smell.


  • Fragrance Whimsy: The ​delightful fig ​fragrance might be ​too enthusiastic ​for those who ​prefer skincare ​without scents or ​have sensitive ​noses.
  • Availability Adventures: ​Depending on ​where you are, ​tracking down ​Fig Cleansing Balm ​might add ​a touch of ​adventure to ​your skincare routine.


Cetyl ethyl hexanoate, ​ficuscarica (fig) ​fruit extract (fig ​oil water ​™) 7.8%, peg-10 ​isostearate, peg-20 ​glyceryltristearate, synthetic wax, ​caprylic/capric triglyceride,  ​coralline officinalis extract, ​Curcuma longa ​(turmeric) root extract...

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The ​Bottom Line

In ​the grand ​ballroom of skincare, ​the best ​Korean cleansing balm ​becomes your ​elegant dance partner, ​each boasting ​its unique personality. ​Some cleansing ​balms bring a ​fragrant serenade, ​like a friend ​who always ​wears their favorite ​perfume, adding ​a touch of ​enchantment to ​your routine.

Look ​for the ​one that not ​only flawlessly ​removes makeup but ​also elevates ​your skincare routine ​with the ​sophistication characteristic of ​Korean beauty.

The best Korean ​cleansing balm ​is the one ​that transforms ​your daily routine ​into a ​sensorial soiree, a ​delightful experience ​in every application, ​leaving your ​skin feeling pampered ​and radiant.

Things To ​Look Before ​Purchasing Korean Cleansing ​Balm

  • Ingredients ​Ballet: Peek into ​the ingredients ​as if reading ​the biography ​of your dance ​partner. Seek ​elements that resonate ​with your ​skin—fig charm or ​botanical elegance.
  • Texture Waltz: Consider ​the texture ​as you would ​the dance ​style of your ​partner. Is ​it a velvety ​waltz or ​a luxurious tango? ​Choose one ​that aligns with ​the rhythm ​of your skincare ​routine.
  • Fragrance ​Melody: Delve into ​the fragrance ​notes. Does it ​carry the ​sweet tune of ​a fig ​orchard, or is ​it a ​subtle melody? Pick ​a fragrance ​that harmonizes with ​your preferences, ​or embrace a ​silent dance ​with fragrance-free options.
  • Effectiveness Performance: ​Assess the effectiveness, ​envisioning it ​as a dance ​performance. Does ​it effortlessly sweep ​away makeup, ​leaving the stage ​clean and ​refreshed? Listen to ​the applause ​of reviews and ​testimonials.
  • Availability ​Adventure: Consider the ​availability as ​an adventure, like ​deciding to ​embark on a ​dance quest. ​Ensure that your ​chosen cleansing ​balm is not ​just a ​partner for the ​night but ​one that stays ​accessible for ​future dances.

Our Experience ​In The ​Best Korean Cleansing ​Balm

This ​balm promises to ​be the ​Batman of makeup ​removal—silent, compelling, ​and maybe mysterious.
​I scoop ​some out, and ​it’s like ​touching butter, but ​not the ​greasy kind. Smooth ​and solid, ​like a tiny ​scoop of ​skincare gold. Slather ​it on, ​and it goes ​from butter ​to this silky, ​comforting oil. ​My face is ​like, “Oh, ​we’re in for ​a treat!”

Now, the makeup. ​It takes ​on my foundation ​and eye ​makeup like a ​pro—no raccoon ​eyes, no panda ​face—just a ​clean slate. I’m ​impressed.

But ​here’s the plot ​twist: it ​doesn’t leave my ​face feeling ​like a barren ​desert. Usually, ​I’d expect that ​post-cleansing tightness, ​but nope. My ​skin is ​all, “Thanks for ​the cleanse. ​Here’s a hug ​in return.”
​And the smell? ​It’s like ​a gentle reminder ​that skin ​care is a ​self-care moment. ​Not too strong, ​just a ​subtle, “Hey, you’re ​doing something ​nice for yourself.”

The real ​cliffhanger is whether ​my sensitive ​skin will keep ​loving it ​or if it’s ​just a ​fleeting skincare romance.

​Our Research

When ​designing our ​guide on the ​best Korean ​cleansing balms, we ​went out ​with our research. ​We have ​deeply observed user ​reviews, product ​descriptions, ingredient lists, ​and expert ​recommendations. We wanted ​to ensure ​we had all ​the details ​to give you ​the most ​accurate and comprehensive ​evaluation possible. ​Collecting and analyzing ​this wealth ​of data ensures ​that our ​assessment is accurate ​and complete, ​covering each product’s ​unique features, ​benefits, and potential ​drawbacks.

We ​take pride in ​offering you ​a guide rooted ​in research, ​giving you the ​insights you ​need to make ​the best ​skincare choices for ​your unique ​needs. You can ​now confidently ​choose the perfect ​cleansing balm ​for you. We ​are excited ​to share our ​findings with ​you!

Our ​Recommendation

Meet ​your skincare muse, ​the Radiance ​Cleansing Balm from ​Beauty of ​Joseon—a faithful companion ​in the ​grand ballroom of ​beauty. It ​isn’t just a ​product; it’s ​like finding a ​dance partner ​that makes every ​move feel ​effortless and elegant.

The velvety ​texture is like ​a comforting ​hug, turning your ​skincare routine ​into a dance ​of luxury ​and tenderness.
Imagine ​the fragrance ​as a captivating ​melody, gently ​guiding you through ​a sensory ​journey. It’s not ​just about ​cleansing; it’s a ​radiant tale ​unveiling your skin’s ​inner glow.

The other is ​Pyunkang Yul ​Deep Clear Cleansing ​Balm Korean ​Makeup Remover All-In-One ​Face Wash. ​You are at ​the right ​place if you’re ​searching for ​a deep cleansing ​balm for ​all skin types. ​Let the ​skincare waltz begin!

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