Best Korean Toners | Top Picks in 2023

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Hey there, skincare enthusiast! Ready to spice up your routine? We’ve got something special for you—say hello to our collection of best Korean toners. These little heroes bring out a natural glow and happiness. Get cozy, and let’s unveil the magic of K-beauty together because your skin deserves the best!

​What is ​toner?

Toner is ​a liquid ​skincare product applied ​after cleansing ​to balance skin ​pH, remove ​impurities, and prep ​for subsequent ​developments. It often ​provides hydration ​and additional skin ​benefits, contributing ​to a healthier ​complexion. Think ​of it as ​a refreshing ​step to optimize ​your skincare ​routine!

Our Best Sellers

  1. Best for all skin types: Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 
  2. Deep cleansing: THANKYOU FARMER RICE Pure Essential Toner
  3. Skin elasticity:   Pyunkang Yul Facial Essence Toner
  4. Exfoliation: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
  5. Deep moisturizing facial: ISNTTREE Green Tea Fresh Hydrating Face Toner
  6. Intense hydration: Etude Moistfall Collagen Toner

Best for all skin types: Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 


​Heartleaf toner by ​Anua is ​best for all ​skin types. ​Soothing facial toner ​has Heartleaf ​Extract in the ​highest amount, ​which soothes, tone, ​hydrate, and ​balance the pH ​levels. 77% ​heartleaf extract has ​been grown ​and harvested in ​Korea. Skin ​feels clean after ​using it. ​Heartleaf toner, even ​the skin ​tone. Toner does ​not have ​any irritating substance. ​That is ​why no irritation ​or redness ​occurs after applying. ​Hydration comes ​as an extra ​benefit of ​this toner.

It ​removes all ​the traces of ​impurities from ​your skin, leaving ​it fresh ​and perfectly prepped ​for makeup. ​Heartleaf extract soothes ​sensitive skin. ​The sub-acidic formula ​helps maintain ​the oil moisture ​balance of ​the skin. All ​ingredients included ​are cruelty and ​paraben-free.

Usage ​Guide

Gently cleanse ​your face. ​Take toner on ​your palms. ​Apply it all ​over your ​face and absorb ​it properly. ​You can use ​it during ​the day or ​night. Your ​skin is now ​ready for ​makeup.


  • Balance ​Keeper: It ​helps maintain the ​oil moisture ​balance, keeping your ​skin happy.
  • Gentle Giant: No ​irritating substances, ​so it’s a ​gentle giant, ​even for sensitive ​skin.
  • Clear ​Complexion: It works ​magic, leaving ​your face clear ​and bright.
  • ​Prep Perfection: Perfect ​as a ​prep step, removing ​impurities and ​ensuring your skin ​is ready ​for whatever comes ​next.
  • Soothing ​Powerhouse: It has ​77% Heartleaf ​Extract and is ​best at ​calming and soothing ​the skin.


  • Individual Reactions: ​Every skin ​is unique; personal ​reactions can ​vary. Always patch-test ​if you’re ​trying something new.
  • ​Availability: Depending ​on where you ​are. It ​may be harder ​to get ​your hands on ​in some ​areas.


Houttuynia ​Cordata Extract ​(77%), Purified Water, ​1,2-Hexanedio, Betaine, ​Panthenol, Saccharum Officinarum ​(Sugarcane) Extract, ​Butylene Glycol, Vitex ​Agnus-Castus Extract, ​Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) ​Flower Extract, ​Arctium Lappa Root ​Extract, Phellinus ​Linteus Extract

Deep cleansing: THANKYOU FARMER RICE Pure Essential Toner


Rice pure ​essential toner ​by Thankyou Farmer ​is the ​best product for ​deep cleansing. ​Rice essential toner ​is fast ​absorbing and has ​a non-sticky ​milky formula to ​improve skin ​texture and reduce ​dullness on ​your skin. By ​spreading gently ​over your skin, ​it hydrates ​and soothes irritated ​skin.

Rice ​Extract helps clarify ​and moisturize ​the skin. It ​also gives ​softness to the ​skin. Rice ​has been a ​skin care ​ingredient in Korea ​since ancient ​times. It also ​maintains hydration ​on your face ​by ensuring ​your skin does ​not feel ​barren or dry. ​Natural botanical ​ingredients like Lotus ​Flower, Centaurea ​Cyanus Flower, and ​Centella Asiatica ​are also a ​part of ​this brightening toner, ​which provides ​a radiant and ​healthy complexion. ​It is paraben-free. ​Try it ​out on your ​skin to ​get to know ​about its ​magic.

Usage Guide

​After proper ​cleansing, spread a ​small amount ​of toner on ​the palm ​over the entire ​face. Now, ​do the makeup.


  • Deep ​Cleansing Marvel: It ​bids farewell ​to impurities and ​dullness.
  • Fast ​Absorption Magic: The ​non-sticky, milky ​formula absorbs swiftly, ​working wonders ​without residue.
  • Texture ​Transformer: Improves ​skin texture, leaving ​it soft, ​smooth, and radiant.
  • ​Ancient Wisdom: ​Rice Extract has ​been used ​for skincare since ​ancient times.
  • ​Hydration Haven: Ensures ​your skin ​stays hydrated and ​happy, preventing ​that parched feeling.


  • Fragrance ​Factor: This toner ​may have ​a fragrance if ​you’re sensitive ​to scents.
  • Skin ​Sensitivity: Always ​patch-test with new ​products.


Water, Oryza Sativa ​(Rice) Extract, ​Dipropylene Glycol, Propanediol, ​1,2-Hexanediol, Niacinamide, ​Centella Asiatica Extract, ​Ficus Carica ​(Fig) Fruit Extract, ​Nelumbium Speciosum ​Flower Extract, Ulmus ​Davidiana Root ​Extract

Skin elasticity: Pyunkang Yul Facial Essence Toner


Facial Essence Toner ​by Pyunkang ​Yul is best ​for skin ​elasticity. Toner helps ​calm skin ​comfortably by carefully ​selected natural ​ingredients and rigorous ​testing. It ​is profoundly absorbing. ​Milk Vetch ​root extract is ​the essential ​ingredient of the ​toner, much ​more deeply absorbed ​into the ​skin. It is ​sufficiently moisturizing ​than purified water.

​Moreover, the ​isoflavonoids in the ​Milk Vetch ​root improve skin ​elasticity through ​antioxidants. The texture ​is condensed, ​which is suitable ​for dry ​and combination skin. ​No irritation ​occurs after use ​as it ​is dermatologically tested ​and contains ​safe ingredients.

It ​has a ​rich hydrating formula ​that gives ​moisture to the ​skin and ​consists of skin-beneficial ​betaine and ​minerals. All the ​products work ​in coherence and ​provide anti-oxidation ​to your skin.

​Usage Guide

​Dispense the small ​amount of ​toner. Gently pat ​on your ​skin and neck. ​No need ​to rub the ​product. Incorporate ​it into your ​routine to ​get the most ​out of ​it.


  • Elasticity ​Boost: A ​standout for enhancing ​skin elasticity, ​thanks to Milk ​Vetch root ​extract.
  • Nature’s Embrace: ​Ensure a ​soothing experience for ​your skin.
  • ​Deep Absorption: Goes ​beyond the ​surface, profoundly absorbing ​into the ​skin for maximum ​benefits.
  • Moisture ​Marvel: With a ​rich hydrating ​formula, it moistens ​your skin.
  • ​Dermatologically Tested: It ​is dermatologically ​tested, ensuring safety ​and no ​irritation.


  • Individual ​Sensitivity: Though ​dermatologically tested, personal ​skin reactions ​can vary—always patch-test ​new products.
  • ​Availability Challenge: Depending ​on your ​location, getting your ​hands on ​this might need ​a bit ​of effort.


1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, ​Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, ​Astragalus Membranaceus ​Root Extract, Bis-PEG-18 ​Methyl Ether ​Dimethyl Silane

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Exfoliation: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner


AHA/ BHA Clarifying ​treatment toner ​by COSRX is ​best for ​exfoliation. Our toner ​is formulated ​with AHA, BHA, ​and Botanical ​Ingredients and improves ​skin texture ​and controls pores. ​Toner soothes, ​refreshes & softens ​the skin. ​0.1% of AHA ​Glycolic Acid ​and BHA Betaine ​Salicylate help ​remove dullness and ​dead skin ​cells. It is ​with natural ​ingredients.

Pyrus Malus ​(Apple) Fruit ​Water and Salix ​Alba (Willow ​Bark) Water, our ​mist-type toner, ​are gentle enough ​for all ​skin types. It ​is in ​liquid form. Its ​application is ​easy.

It is ​a daily ​toner to exfoliate, ​cleanse, and ​prevent with AHA/BHA ​molecules. It ​gives hydration to ​the skin. ​It rejuvenates the ​skin while ​preventing whiteheads and ​blackheads. Exfoliation ​properties make it ​versatile from ​others. It is ​paraben and ​sulfate-free. Get your ​hands on ​this project to ​feel its ​magic.

Usage Guide

​Pour a ​small toner onto ​a cotton ​pad or your ​palms. Gently ​sweep the toner ​across your ​face, avoiding the ​eye area. ​No need to ​rinse—let it ​work its magic. ​Beyond exfoliation, ​it hydrates and ​helps prevent ​pesky whiteheads and ​blackheads.


  • ​Exfoliation Excellence: A ​powerhouse for ​exfoliation with AHA ​Glycolic Acid ​and BHA Betaine ​Salicylate.
  • Skin ​Texture Savior: It ​improves skin ​texture and controls ​pores.
  • Gentle ​and Refreshing: The ​mist-type toner ​soothes, refreshes, and ​softens the ​skin, making it ​a delightful ​experience.
  • Natural Goodness: ​It is ​Infused with natural ​ingredients like ​Pyrus Malus (Apple) ​Fruit Water ​and Salix Alba ​(Willow Bark) ​Water, embracing the ​best of ​nature.
  • Versatile Exfoliation: ​Its exfoliating ​properties make it ​universal.


  • ​Sensitivity Alert: The ​exfoliating properties ​may need to ​be for ​sensitive skin—always patch-test ​new products.
  • ​Sunscreen Essential: Due ​to exfoliating ​ingredients, wearing sunscreen ​during the ​day becomes crucial ​to protect ​your newly revealed ​skin.


​Water, Salix Alba ​(Willow) Bark ​Water, Pyrus Malus ​(Apple) Fruit ​Water, Butylene Glycol, ​1,2-hexanediol, Sodium ​Lactate, Glycolic Acid, ​Betaine Salicylate, ​Allantoin, Panthenol, Ethyl Hexanediol.

Deep moisturizing facial: ISNTTREE Green Tea Fresh Hydrating Face Toner


Green ​tea fresh ​hydrating face toner ​by ISNTREE ​is the best ​deep moisturizing ​facial. It is ​formulated with ​non-irritating and natural ​ingredients that ​moisturize all day ​and night. ​Toner helps to ​restore moisture ​and oil on ​the skin. ​The hydrating formula ​will be ​absorbed through the ​skin in ​seconds without clogging ​pores, which ​hydrates the skin ​deeply, improves ​fine lines and ​wrinkles, and ​treats acne.

Green ​Tea Toner ​mainly uses Green ​Tea Extract, ​Natural Extracts, and ​Hyaluronic Acid. ​Green Tea is ​high in ​Amino acids and ​minerals to ​relieve skin stress ​and reduce ​irritation. It revitalizes ​your skin. ​SeboCut Complex controls ​sebum, and ​MoistMax that moisturizes ​skin sufficiently. ​Face toner contains ​verified healthy ​and skin-friendly ingredients—also, ​all ISNTREE ​products for you ​to use ​without worrying about ​whether they ​are safe.

Usage ​Guide

Apply ​a small amount ​to your ​face and neck. ​Instead of ​rubbing it in, ​pat it. ​It will absorb ​on its ​own. Avoid the ​eye area. ​It’s versatile for ​day and ​night use.


  • ​Deep Moisturization: ​It provides all-day ​and night-long ​Moisturization, keeping your ​skin hydrated.
  • ​Restore Balance: It ​helps restore ​the moisture and ​oil on ​your skin, promoting ​a healthy ​complexion.
  • Quick Absorption: ​The hydrating ​formula absorbs in ​seconds, addressing ​fine lines, wrinkles, ​and acne ​concerns.
  • Green Tea ​Goodness: It ​relieves skin stress, ​reduces irritation, ​and revitalizes your ​complexion.
  • Sebum ​Control: It controls ​sebum production, ​keeping excess oil ​in check.


  • Sensitivity Caution: ​For individuals ​with susceptible skin, ​it’s advisable ​to patch-test, as ​even non-irritating ​ingredients can trigger ​reactions in ​some cases.
  • Individual ​Reactions: Although ​dermatologist-tested, everyone’s skin ​is unique. ​Check your skin’s ​response, especially ​if you have ​allergies.


​Camellia Sinensis Leaf ​Extract Water, ​Ginkgo Biloba Leaf ​Extract, Salix ​Alba (Willow) Bark ​Extract, Pinus ​Palustris Leaf Extract

Intense hydration: Etude Moistfall Collagen Toner


Moistful ​collagen toner by ​Etude is ​best for intense ​hydration. Tiny ​particles of the ​Hydrolyzed Collagen ​in the Moistfull ​Facial Toner ​make skin full ​of moisture. ​Skin feels bouncy ​after using ​moist, total collagen ​toner. It ​has no Mineral ​oil, Polyacrylamide, ​Tar color, and ​Silicone oil. ​No skin irritation ​occurs as ​it is clinically ​toned. It ​instantly provides hydration ​and moisture ​deep within the ​skin.

It ​is excellent for ​balancing your ​skin’s natural pH. ​It helps ​firm your skin ​while improving ​its elasticity and ​appearance by ​reducing early signs ​of aging. ​Toner helps to ​stimulate the ​collagen levels on ​your skin, ​resulting in tightened ​wrinkles and ​saggy skin—a must-try ​product for ​dry-skin people. Your ​skin will ​be grateful for ​it.

Usage ​Guide

Apply it ​on a ​clean face. Lightly ​massage on ​your skin. Let ​it absorb ​on your skin. ​Could you ​include it in ​your daily ​routine?


  • Intense ​Hydration: A ​powerhouse for intense ​hydration, leaving ​your skin full ​of moisture.
  • ​Bouncy Effect: After ​using the ​Moistfull Collagen Toner, ​your skin ​feels delightfully animated.
  • ​Skin-Friendly Formula: ​It ensures a ​clean and ​skin-friendly experience.
  • Clinically ​Tested: Making ​it suitable for ​various skin ​types.
  • Instant Moisture: ​It provides ​instant hydration and ​moisture deep ​within the skin, ​quenching its ​thirst effectively.


  • ​Individual Reactions: ​Though clinically tested, ​personal skin ​reactions can vary. ​Always patch-test ​new products, especially ​if you ​have sensitive skin.
  • ​Availability Concerns: ​Depending on your ​area, getting ​the product might ​pose a ​challenge.


Water, ​hydrolyzed collagen, ​glycerin, alcohol denat., ​betaine, 1,2-hexanediol, ​butylene glycol, glyceryl ​polymethacrylate, xanthan ​gum, cellulose gum, ​ethylhexylglycerin, disodium ​EDTA, beta-glucan, hydrolyzed ​lupine protein, ​tocopherol.

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The Bottom ​Line

Discover ​your skin’s new ​partner in ​these excellent Korean ​toners! Whether ​it’s the comforting ​feeling from ​Anua Heartleaf, the ​nourishing vibes ​of Thankyou Farmer ​Rice Pure ​Essential, the empowering ​boost with ​Pyunkang Yul, the ​refreshing dance ​of COSRX AHA/BHA, ​or the ​green tea freshness ​from ISNTREE. ​Look for the ​one that ​not only flawlessly ​removes impurities ​but also elevates ​your skincare ​routine and should ​be according ​to your skin ​type. The ​best Korean toner ​is the ​one that transforms ​your skin’s ​needs in your ​daily way ​into a delightful ​experience in ​every application, leaving ​your skin ​feeling radiant.

Things ​To Consider Before ​Purchasing Korean ​Toner

  • First of all, understand your skin type. Different toners are for different skin types.
  •  Check the ingredient list for any allergens. Look for beneficial ingredients tailored to your skincare goals.
  •  Choose a toner that addresses your primary concerns.
  • If you’re sensitive to fragrances, opt for toners with little to no scent to avoid potential irritation.
  • Read reviews from others with similar skin types and concerns. Real experiences can provide valuable insights. Consider the reputation of the brand.
  •  Determine your budget. Korean skincare offers a range of options, so you can find a toner that fits your financial comfort.
  • Check if the product is readily available in your region to avoid challenges in restocking.
  • If you have specific skin conditions or concerns, consult a dermatologist before purchasing.

Our Experience ​With The ​Best Korean Toners

​The products ​chosen are the ​best. My ​experience has been ​great so ​far with these ​products. All ​of them are ​great for ​removing impurities and ​prepping the ​skin. Selecting the ​best among ​them depends on ​your skin’s ​unique needs. They ​all give ​hydration to the ​skin, which ​the skin needs.

​The most ​special one for ​me is ​Etude Moistfull Collagen ​because of ​its ultra-hydrating properties. ​My skin ​is dry. Therefore, ​after using ​it, my skin ​feels extra ​soft and moist. ​I am ​in love with ​this product. ​But remember, what ​suits my ​skin does not ​mean it ​will also give ​the results ​on your skin. ​Everyone has ​a unique skin ​type. So, ​discover the product ​for yourself ​that perfectly aligns ​with your ​needs.

Our Research

When ​crafting our ​guide on the ​best Korean ​toner, we went ​out with ​our research. We ​have observed ​user reviews, product ​descriptions, ingredient ​lists, and expert ​recommendations. We ​wanted to ensure ​we had ​all the details ​to give ​you the most ​accurate and ​comprehensive evaluation possible.

​Collecting and ​analyzing this wealth ​of data ​ensures that our ​assessment is ​accurate and complete, ​covering each ​product’s unique features, ​benefits, and ​potential drawbacks. We ​take pride ​in offering you ​a guide ​rooted in research, ​giving you ​the insights you ​need to ​make the best ​skincare choices ​for your unique ​needs. You ​can now confidently ​choose the ​perfect cleansing balm ​for you. ​We are excited ​to share ​our findings with ​you!

Our ​Recommendation

Meet ​the best toner ​for deep ​hydration, Etude Moistfull ​Collagen Toner. ​It is a ​faithful companion. ​It gives you ​deeply hydrated ​skin. It works ​wonders for ​those who have ​dehydrated skin. ​It nourishes your ​skin and ​revives your skin ​tone. The ​smell is so ​beautiful.

The ​other is THANKYOU ​FARMER Rice ​Pure Essential Toner, ​which gives ​your skin gentleness ​and smoothness. ​It also brightens ​your skin ​tone. With all-natural ​ingredients, it ​provides nourishment to ​your skin. ​It is best ​for oily ​and combination skin.

​Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I ​choose a ​Korean toner for ​my skin ​type?

Consider your ​skin type ​(oily, dry, combination) ​and specific ​concerns (hydration, anti-aging, ​acne), and ​look for ingredients ​that cater ​to those needs.

Can ​Korean toners be ​used on ​sensitive skin?

Yes, ​Korean toners ​with sensitive skin ​in mind. ​Look for ones ​with gentle, ​soothing ingredients and ​no harsh ​chemicals.

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