5 Best Lip Balm ​For Acne ​Prone Skin In 2023

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Welcome ​to Glow-Guard, ​your go-to for ​a dazzling ​smile! Meet our ​star, the ​”Best Lip Balm ​For Acne ​Prone Skin,” crafted to ​pamper and ​protect. Unveil the ​magic, and ​let your radiant ​lips steal ​the show!

What ​Is A ​Lip Balm?

Lip ​balm is ​a cream applied ​to the ​lips to prevent ​dryness. It ​contains ingredients like ​beeswax and ​shea butter for ​hydration. This ​little hero in ​a tube ​keeps them soft ​and happy. ​With beeswax and ​shea butter, ​it’s like a ​cozy blanket ​for your pout, ​preventing dryness ​and adding a ​healthy shine. ​A must-have, especially ​when the ​weather gets a ​bit tough ​on those precious ​lips!

Top Picks

  • For ​cracked lips: ​Mario Badescu Moisturizing ​Lip Balm
  • ​Hydrating Lip Balm: ​Blistex Medicated ​Lip Balm
  • Soothing ​Lip Balm: ​Dr. Bronner’s – ​Organic Lip ​Balm
  • Nourishing and ​Soothing Moisturizer: ​Kind Lips Lip ​Balm, Nourishing ​Soothing Lip Moisturizer
  • ​For dry ​lips: La Roche-Posay ​Nutritic Lip ​Balm

For ​cracked lips: ​Mario Badescu Moisturizing ​Lip Balm


Moisturizing Lip ​balm by ​Mario Badescu is ​best for ​cracked lips. It ​was infused ​with coconut oil ​and shea ​butter, which gives ​skin immense ​moisturization and smoothness. ​It is ​for standard skin ​type. The ​color of the ​lip balm ​is off-white. It ​nourishes chapped ​lips with a ​blend of ​nutrient-dense butter and ​moisturizing oils. ​Formulated with Butter, ​Coconut Oil, ​Sweet Almond Oil, ​and antioxidant ​Vitamin E, their ​rich balm ​melts into the ​skin to ​replenish lips. After ​applying, lip ​balm melts into ​the lips, ​giving them a ​smooth texture. ​It is such ​a lifesaver ​for your lips. ​Off-white color ​adds elegance to ​your personality. ​Indulge in supple ​lips with ​this ultra-rich balm, ​a beauty ​essential for a ​revitalized pout.

​Usage Guide

Gently ​exfoliate if ​needed to remove ​any dry ​skin. The off-white ​color blends ​seamlessly. Massage the ​balm into ​your lips. Use ​as needed ​throughout the day ​for a ​continuous burst of ​hydration.


  • Luscious Lips Ahead: ​Mario Badescu’s ​Moisturizing Lip Balm ​is like ​a hydration superhero ​for your ​lips.
  • Feast for ​Your Lips: ​It’s like a ​spa day ​for your pout!
  • Smooth Operator: ​Feel the transformation ​as the ​balm melts into ​your lips, ​leaving them as ​smooth as ​velvet.
  • Everyday Essential: ​Tailored for ​normal skin, it’s ​your go-to ​for everyday lip ​love.
  • Chic ​Charm: And let’s ​talk about ​that packaging! It’s ​not just ​practical; it adds ​a touch ​of elegance to ​your beauty ​stash.


  • Not ​a One-Size-Fits-All: ​If your skin ​has a ​specific vibe, it ​might not ​match perfectly.
  • Color ​Palette Vibes: ​If you’re into ​clear lip ​vibes, keep that ​in mind.


Butter, coconut ​oil, sweet ​almond oil, essential ​oil, raspberry ​seed oil, avocado ​oil, antioxidant ​vitamin E, Hydrogenated ​Polydecene, Cocoglycerides, ​Dimethicone, Brassica Glycerides...

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Hydrating Lip Balm: ​Blistex Medicated ​Lip Balm


Medicated ​lip balm ​by Blistex is ​best for ​hydration. It prevents ​dryness and ​chapping from your ​lips. By ​sealing in moisture, ​this balm ​glides easily on ​your lips. ​It is a ​matte-type balm. ​Suitable for sensitive ​skin, it ​prevents the skin ​from any ​breakage or unwanted ​acne. By ​providing complete coverage, ​it gives ​you an all-natural ​look. It ​is ideal for ​everyone. Medicated ​lip moisturizer uses ​SPF 15, ​which will provide ​sun protection ​to help prevent ​sunburn outdoors ​for a more ​extended period. ​Crafted with three ​long-lasting protectants, ​this lip balm ​is the ​perfect care for ​your lips ​to feel and ​look healthier ​during both summers ​and bitter ​winters. It is ​a must-try ​product for acne-prone ​people.

Usage ​Guide

Use your ​fingertip or ​applicator to massage ​the balm ​into your lips ​gently. It ​helps in better ​absorption and ​promotes circulation. Apply ​this hydrating ​lip balm liberally ​15 minutes ​before exposure to ​the sun ​and reapply at ​least every ​2 hours.


  • ​Healing Comfort: ​Blistex Medicated Lip ​Balm has ​that special medicated ​touch that ​relieves dry, cranky ​lips.
  • Speedy ​Rescue: It’s like ​a superhero ​rushing to save ​the day, ​providing quick comfort ​to those ​irritated lips.
  • Lasting ​Hydration: This ​lip balm creates ​a shield, ​keeping your lips ​moisturized for ​the long haul.
  • ​Your Lips’ ​Sidekick: Your trusty ​sidekick is ​ready for action ​whenever your ​lips need a ​boost.
  • Pocket-Sized ​Relief: It’s there ​for you, ​always ready to ​save your ​lips from distress.


  • Medicine ​Cabinet Vibe: It’s ​like your ​lips took a ​trip to ​the medicine cabinet, ​and only ​some enjoy that ​experience.
  • Taste ​and Smell Check: ​The medicinal ​taste and fragrance ​might differ ​from your cup ​of tea ​if you’re into ​lip products ​with sweet scents.


Menthol, ​petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin, ​cetyl alcohol, ​cetyl palmitate, mineral ​oil...

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Soothing ​Lip Balm: ​Dr. Bronner’s – ​Organic Lip ​Balm


Organic lip balm ​by Dr. ​Bronner’s is best ​for soothing. ​It is unscented, ​composed of ​beeswax and avocado ​oil, and ​formulated with organic ​beeswax to ​protect against cold ​and dry ​weather. Jojoba, avocado, ​and hemp ​oil are for ​extra moisturization. ​It will soothe ​your dry ​skin. Dr. Bronner’s ​is providing ​the purest ingredients ​for our ​customers. That’s why ​only the ​finest oils are ​used for ​fragrance.

It protects ​the lips ​and has no ​synthetic ingredients. ​Products and ingredients ​are never ​tried on animals, ​so they ​qualify for the ​Bunny logo. ​It can heal ​dry hands, ​feet, cuticles, chapped ​chins, and ​cheeks! Apply to ​dry patches ​anywhere on the ​skin. Not ​just for lips. ​Products are ​certified under the ​program that ​certifies all organically-produced ​agriculture in ​the United States. ​It is ​essential because what ​you put ​on your lips ​goes into ​your body. Give ​it a ​try!

Usage Guide

Begin with ​clean, dry lips. ​Glide the ​lip balm across ​your lips, ​ensuring complete coverage. ​The organic ​formula will work ​its magic ​instantly.


  • Nature’s ​Kiss: Dr. ​Bronner’s Organic Lip ​Balm for ​you—crafted with certified ​organic ingredients, ​gives your lips ​the love ​they deserve.
  • Moisture ​That Lasts: ​This lip balm ​is like ​a hydration marathon ​for your ​lips. Say bye ​to dryness ​and hello to ​soft, happy ​smiles.
  • Your Lip’s ​Best Friend: ​Whether your lips ​are battling ​the elements or ​need a ​daily pick-me-up, this ​lip balm ​is like having ​your trusty ​sidekick.
  • Gentle Embrace: ​Dr. Bronner’s ​gentle, organic touch—perfect ​for even ​the most sensitive ​of pouts.
  • ​Flavorful Fun: With ​various delightful ​options, each application ​brings your ​taste buds a ​little joy.


  • Certified Organic ​Goodness: Dr. ​Bronner’s Organic Lip ​Balm is ​crafted with organic ​ingredients, ensuring ​a natural formula ​for your ​lips.
  • Intensive Moisturization: ​The organic ​ingredients provide long-lasting ​moisture, leaving ​your lips soft.


Avocado ​oil, beeswax, essential ​oils, Organic ​Simmondsia, jojoba, hemp ​oil...

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Nourishing and ​Soothing Moisturizer: ​Kind Lips Lip ​Balm, Nourishing ​Soothing Lip Moisturizer


Lip ​balm by ​Kind Lips is ​best for ​nourishment and soothing. ​It is ​made in USA ​with 100% ​natural ingredients. Nourishes ​and Hydrate ​your lips with ​100% natural ​lip balm. This ​product is ​safe for the ​whole family, ​even your pets. ​You will ​experience the long-lasting ​moisture and ​lip care benefits ​of Kind ​Lips, reducing the ​need for ​frequent reapplication. Keep ​your lips ​nourished, hydrated, and ​protected throughout ​the day with ​their minimal, ​high-quality ingredients.

Say ​goodbye to ​dry lips as ​this balm ​intensely nourishes and ​moisturizes using ​soothing ingredients. Nourishing ​organic lip ​balm is perfect ​for women, ​men, kids, toddlers, ​and anyone ​seeking lip care ​for chapped, ​dry lips. It’s ​an ideal ​lipstick base, making ​it unique ​for your lip ​care routine. ​The packaging is ​gorgeous. Cruelty-free ​ingredients are present.

Usage Guide

Glide the lip ​balm across ​your lips, ensuring ​complete coverage. ​The smooth and ​buttery texture ​will effortlessly coat ​your lips. ​It gives your ​lips everlasting ​smoothness as well ​as nourishment.


  • Nature’s Embrace: ​Kind Lips ​Lip Balm is ​like that—filled ​with natural goodness, ​giving your ​lips a taste ​of pure, ​wholesome care.
  • Buttery ​Bliss: Smooth ​it on, and ​let the ​hydration magic unfold, ​leaving your ​lips feeling as ​soft as ​a gentle breeze.
  • ​A Hug ​for Dry Lips: ​Massaging this ​balm into your ​lips feels ​comforting when your ​lips are ​dry or cranky.
  • ​Pocket-Sized Love: ​It’s like having ​a little ​pocket-sized love affair ​with your ​lips.
  • Lip Love ​for Every ​Occasion: If you’re ​prepping for ​a lipstick adventure, ​this balm ​is like a ​versatile best ​friend that’s got ​your back.


  • Treasure Hunt ​Vibes: Finding ​Kind Lips Lip ​Balm might ​feel like a ​treasure hunt, ​depending on your ​location. It’s ​like discovering a ​hidden gem ​for your lips.
  • ​A Little ​Extra Love Price: ​Sure, it’s ​a little pricier, ​but it ​gives your lips ​extra love. ​Quality ingredients come ​with a ​cost.


Coconut ​oil, beeswax, ​olive oil, shea ​butter, jojoba ​oil, flavor, lemon ​peel oil, ​Vitamin E...

For dry ​lips: La Roche-Posay ​Nutritic Lip ​Balm


Nutritic ​lip balm ​by La Roche-Posay ​is best ​for dry lips. ​It soothes ​and repairs chapped ​lips. Formulated ​with shea butter ​and ceramides, ​it gives your ​lips all ​the hydration and ​smoothness they ​need. The transforming ​care for ​dry lips in ​a convenient ​lip balm stick. ​This lip ​balm transforms dry, ​sensitive lips ​to feel softer, ​smoother, and ​soothed. It smooths, ​moisturizes, and ​comforts dry lips. Nutritic Lip ​balm has an ​ultra-fine and ​non-greasy texture. It ​has no ​fragrance. No synthetic ​ingredients are ​present in this. ​Glycerin helps ​lips moisturize. It ​is 100% ​hypoallergenic. It’s designed ​to target ​the cause of ​dryness, helping ​restore your lips’ ​natural moisture ​balance. Use it ​to feel ​the difference.

Usage ​Guide

Take ​a small amount ​of the ​Nutritic Lip Balm ​on your ​fingertip or the ​applicator. Use ​your fingertip to ​massage the ​balm into your ​lips. It ​not only aids ​in absorption ​but also provides ​a soothing ​sensation.


  • Drink ​for Your ​Lips: It’s like ​giving your ​thirsty lips a ​tall glass ​of water in ​a luxuriously ​smooth balm form.
  • ​Feels Like ​Nothing: This lip ​balm is ​like a breath ​of fresh ​air—it hydrates deeply ​without leaving ​your lips feeling ​greasy.
  • Your ​Lips’ Best Friend: ​La Roche-Posay ​isn’t just a ​brand; it’s ​like your wise ​skincare best ​friend.
  • Root Cause ​Fixer-Upper: It ​is like a ​detective for ​your lips, getting ​to the ​root cause of ​dryness and ​fixing it from ​the inside ​out.
  • Little Hug ​for Your ​Lips: Applying this ​balm feels ​like a little ​hug for ​your lips. This ​gentle, soothing ​sensation makes it ​more than ​just a lip ​product.


  • Investment in Lip ​Love: It’s ​a bit pricier, ​but it’s ​like giving your ​lips a ​spa day—they deserve ​the royal ​treatment.
  • Treasure Hunt ​Feels: Finding ​La Roche-Posay Nutritic ​Lip Balm ​might be like ​discovering a ​hidden treasure. It’s ​like stumbling ​upon a gem ​in the ​skincare aisle.


Polyethylene, Bis-Diglyceryl ​Polyacyladipate-2, Cetyl alcohol, ​Meadowfoam, Seed ​oil, Cetyl Palmitate, ​Glycerin, Shea ​butter...

The Bottom ​Line

Explore ​and discover your ​favorite among ​these lip balms. ​Mario Badescu ​Moisturizing Lip Balm ​takes the ​spotlight with its ​moisturization; Blistex ​Medicated Lip Balm ​offers a ​medicated touch for ​quick and ​lasting hydration; Dr. ​Bronner’s Organic ​Lip Balm enters ​with an ​eco-friendly, Kind Lips ​Lip Balm ​brings a heartwarming ​narrative, Nourishing ​Soothing Lip Moisturizer ​takes center ​stage for those ​seeking a ​delightful experience with ​a smooth ​texture, La Roche-Posay ​Nutritic Lip ​Balm, the dermatologist’s ​choice, offering ​intense hydration and ​expertise for ​those seeking the ​pinnacle of ​lip care. Choose ​according to ​your skin type.

​Things To ​Consider Before Buying ​Lip Balm

First of all, ​understand your ​skin type. Different ​lip balms ​are for different ​skin types. ​Check the ingredient ​list for ​any allergens. Look ​for beneficial ​ingredients tailored to ​your skincare ​goals. Choose a ​balm that ​addresses your primary ​concerns. If ​you’re sensitive to ​fragrances, opt ​for balms with ​little to ​no scent to ​avoid potential ​irritation. Read reviews ​from others ​with similar skin ​types and ​concerns.

Real experiences ​can provide ​valuable insights. Consider ​the reputation ​of the brand. ​Determine your ​budget. Check if ​the product ​is readily available ​in your ​region to avoid ​challenges in ​restocking. Consult a ​dermatologist before ​purchasing if you ​have specific ​allergies or concerns.

Our ​Experience In The ​Best Lip ​Balm For Acne-Prone ​Skin

All ​the products that ​are below ​are the best ​of the ​best. My experience ​has been ​great with them. ​They work ​as it is ​mentioned. All ​of them are ​great for ​providing nourishment and ​smoothness to ​your lips. Selecting ​the best ​among them depends ​on your ​skin type. They ​all give ​hydration to the ​lips, which ​they need.
Choosing ​one would ​solely depend on ​your needs. ​

The one that ​works best ​for me is ​La Roche-Posay ​Nutritic Lip Balm. ​It offers ​intense hydration while ​addressing the ​root cause of ​dryness. The ​non-greasy texture and ​expertise make ​it the best ​option. The ​results may vary ​from person ​to person. Everyone ​has a ​unique skin type. ​So, discover ​the product for ​yourself that ​perfectly aligns with ​your needs.

Our Research

In forming our ​guide on ​the best lip ​balms, we ​explored thoroughly. Our ​journey involved ​delving into user ​reviews, dissecting ​product descriptions, scrutinizing ​ingredient lists, ​and considering expert ​recommendations. The ​goal was to ​collect a ​wealth of information, ​ensuring a ​precise and all-encompassing ​evaluation of ​each lip balm. ​By analyzing ​these details, we ​aimed to ​accurately depict each ​product’s distinctive ​features, benefits, and ​potential considerations. ​This guide lets ​you select ​the lip balm ​that aligns ​with your needs ​and preferences. ​We are thrilled ​to share ​our discoveries, empowering ​you to ​make informed choices ​for your ​lip care routine!

​Our Recommendation

The best one ​is La ​Roche-Posay Nutritic Lip ​Balm, which ​gives your lips ​deep hydration. ​My lips, being ​a bit ​on the sensitive ​side, appreciate ​the dermatologist-recommended formula. ​It is ​organic. After applying, ​my lips ​felt so smooth ​and soft. ​I love this ​product due ​to its non-greasy ​formula.
The ​other one is ​Kind Lips ​Lip Balm. It ​is a ​thoughtful choice. It ​provides moisture ​to lips. The ​scent is ​lovely and subtle. ​It lasts ​longer on lips, ​and there ​is a need ​to reapply.

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